Table of Contents

Puzzled Pint Charter

This document acts as a constitution for Puzzled Pint event-runners, aka Game Control (GC). It defines our core values, our responsibilities, and the events that can be run under the Puzzled Pint name and brand.  

Core Philosophy

These are the non-negotiable essence of Puzzled Pint.  We uphold them at all times.

Core Responsibilities

GC in any given city is responsible for these tasks:

Headquarters (HQ) is responsible for these tasks:

Puzzled Pint is Noncommercial

There must be no commercial affiliation for a given city or event.  That said, GC is welcome to accept occasional printing services or promotional materials for distribution to the players. To avoid the appearance of a commercial affiliation, and to prevent a conflict of interest, limit the frequency of printing or promos from any given provider to a few times per year. Address any “sponsorship” related questions to HQ.

Puzzled Pint Regional Variations

While the Puzzled Pint Charter acts as a core constitution, this document acts as a set of amendments that individual cities may use to customize the event for local culture, geography, and other factors.

Please contact HQ for ideas outside this list.  It’s good to have a second set of eyes to confirm the idea fits our philosophy--plus we’ll know to add the idea to this list for other cities to try.




Policy on GC accepting comps/freebies


(TL;DR: it's OK to accept occasional freebies, but do NOT ask for comps when booking)



Bottom line: Puzzled Pint is non-profit and volunteer-run.